October 2022 marks Cinema Criminals third year attending the 72 Film Festival. Our first year attending donned us a “Best Use of Frame” nomination, encouraging us to continue engaging with this fun and (almost) local film festival. 
Cinema Criminals took off out the gate with our first year submission “Harpy", a fantasy film about a woman who is changing into a creature of myth. Watch this film on our vimeo, linked here. 
Our second year we attended with a much smaller crew, submitting our film “In Memoriam”, ultimately very glad to be able to create anything at all for the festival! This film followed a woman reminiscing on a past regret, and warring with the urge to make it right. You can watch this film down below, exclusively screening on CinemaCriminals.com.
Most recently, for our third year attending, Cinema Criminals submitted a science fiction piece titled “Ever Since”, a story in which the main character celebrates a birthday a year after they were abducted by aliens. Watch this film on our vimeo site. 
Each of these films are low-budget experimental concepts that we have been thrilled to create for a festival that showcases independent talent. 
Cheers, to many more festival years from the Cinema Criminals crew. 
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